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New Winter Season 2014/2015

The new nordic season is already going on. After the lack of posts the last year, this season again will be full of news updates and race reviews.

The World Cup winter started with the first estonian participations at the Nordic Opening in Kuusamo (FIN).

Results Kuusamo

Ski Jumping:

Siim-Tanel Sammelselg 47th

Martti Nõmme 49th in Qualification

Nordic Combined:

Kristjan Ilves 29th

Karl Tiirmaa 49th

Team Sprint 15th

Kail and Han-Hendrik Piho moved to Norway in summer to train with the norwegian guys there. They will start their WC in Lillehammer (NOR) on sunday.





Olympic season review

Only 20 days are left until the Olympic Games in Sochi. The Estonian team participated successfully in the last World Cups to get a huge step closer to their olympic dream.


Here are the WC results of the season until now:


Kuusamo (FIN) 

Karl Tiirmaa 36th, Kristjan Ilves 45th

Team competition 12th


Lillehammer (NOR)

Han-Hendrik Piho 33rd, Kail Piho 43rd, Kristjan Ilves 63rd

Karl Tiirmaa 35th, Kristjan Ilves 37th


Ramsau (AUT)

Teamsprint 18th and 19th

Karl Tiirmaa 42nd


Schonach (GER)

Kristjan Ilves 36th, Han-Hendrik Piho 39th, Karl Tiirmaa 44th

Kristjan Ilves 45th, Han-Hendrik Piho 47th, Karl Tiirmaa 49th, Kail Piho 53rd


Chaikovskiy (RUS)

Kail Piho 18th, Karl Tiirmaa 19th, Han-Hendrik Piho 26th, Kristjan Ilves 37

Han-Hendrik Piho 11th, Kail Piho 16th, Karl Tiirmaa 25th, Kristjan Ilves 30th


Chaux-Neuve (FRA)

Karl Tiirmaa 35th, Han-Hendrik Piho 38th

Team sprint 11th






News Update

Some of you might have missed the Summer Grand Prix results the last weeks... so here they are!



Team sprint saturday: Estonia I (Ilves, Tiirmaa) 17th, Estonia II (Piho brothers) 20th


Individual sunday: Han-Hendrik Piho 39th, Kristjan Ilves did not finish



Individual: Kristjan Ilves 40th, Han-Hendrik Piho 41st, Kail Piho 47th, Karl Tiirmaa 55th



Individual: Kristjan Ilves 41st, Karl Tiirmaa did not finish






Summer Grand Prix 2013


Summer break is over and the estonian team is ready for the Summer Grand Prix 2013 right infront of the upcoming olympic season this winter.


Kaarel Nurmsalu already performed in ski jumping competitons this summer.


Wisla Qualification 25th, Competition 37th

Einsiedeln Qualification 32th, Competition 39th


For the nordic combined athletes the comping weekend in Oberwiesenthal, Germany will open the summer events. There Kail and Han-Hendrik Piho, Karl Tiirmaa and Kristjan Ilves will participate for estonia.





World Championships résumé and WC Lahti

Val di Fiemme

Large Hill Individual


Again Kail Piho was best estonian competitor and finished 27th at the individual race. The youngest athlete in the Championships Kristjan Ilves got 39th. Han-Hendrik Piho became 43rd, Karl Tiirmaa 45th.


Team Sprint


The Piho brothers represented Estonia at the team sprint event in Italy. Both did an comitted race and became 10th at the end.



Individual Competition


After a long and exciting season the power seemed to have gone for the last competitions. Jumping became a big challenge for the estonian athletes again and also at the track they weren´t able to show their potential.

Han-Hendrik got rank 37, Kail 42nd, Kristjan 44th and Karl didn´t start for the cross-country race.


Team Sprint


Han-Hendrik and Kail Piho again formed estonias 1st team and became 13th at the end. Kristjan and Karl became 20th and last.


For the last World Cup in Oslo only Han-Hendrik Piho will compete.






Half time balance of the WCS

The first half of the competitions in Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping are held in Val di Fiemme, yet.


Nordic Combined results:


Individual Gundersen Normal Hill


Kail Piho 28th, Han-Hendrik Piho 33rd, Kristjan Ilves 48th, Karl Tiirmaa 52nd


Team Competition Normal Hill


Estonia 11th


Ski Jumping results:


Qualification Normal Hill


Kaarel Nurmsalu 16th, Martti Nõmme 26th


Individual Jumping Normal Hill


Kaarel Nurmsalu 26th, Martti Nõmme 47th





Han-Hendrik Piho new estonian champion

After a second place at the jumping competition Han-Hendrik Piho was able to earn another great result, when he became the new estonian nordic combined champion in Otepää, today.

Kail Piho, who was 4th at the hill, made again a good race at the track and just lost the final sprint against his brother to get rank 2 overall. The leader after the jumping round, Kristjan Ilves, saved the last position at the podium.





National Championships 2013

Kristjan Ilves is the new estonian champion in ski jumping. He won the competition in Otepää infront of Martti Nõmme and Han-Hendrik Piho.


At the nordic combined race Kristjan also leads after the jumping round. 2nd is Han-Hendrik infront of Karl Tiirmaa 3rd and Kail Piho 4th with 1.48 min behind. Rauno Loit got 5th and Alar Kukka 6th.





Olympia test in Russia

One year ahead of the Olympic Games in Russia, the nordic combined World Cup took already place in Sochi.

Because of heavy snowfall the conditions at hill and track were very challenging for all athletes. The view was very low and the snow extremly wet and deep, which made it even harder to show a good cross-country performance.

Again Kail Piho held the estonian flag high and became 27th. Karl Tiirmaa lost 10 ranks at the track and got 40th, followed by Kristjan Ilves 41st. Han-Hendrik Piho became 41st at the hill and didn´t compete at the cross-country race.


Sundays team competition ended to an exciting finish sprint of Kristjan Ilves against the russian team. Both had been lapped by other teams, also beause of the short round distance of just 1,7 km.

At the end they became last after the 10th jumping rank.


Now the team will have two weeks of break, before the season highlight, the World Championships in Val di Fiemme, will take place.


Just before the competitions in Russia, the estonian team was able to find a new head sponsor - MARU. The contract between them and the Estonian Ski Association was signed at the end of January and will be avlid until the end of the Olympic Games 2014. That means a lot of technical and material support for the team. MARU also hopes to make the sport more interesting for young athletes and to establish and achieve good results in the future.



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